Wise Giving Wednesday: Public Donates Over $6 Million to Damar Hamlin’s Toy Drive

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calendar icon Jan 04, 2023

During Monday night’s football game, Damar Hamlin, Buffalo Bill's safety, suffered a life-threatening event that is generating sympathy across the country. At the time this was posted, he is reported to be in critical condition at the University of Cincinnati hospital. BBB Wise Giving Alliance extends its prayers and hope for his recovery.

After a traumatic event hits the headlines, concerned supporters can respond by contributing to a charity that helps address the issue or donating to a cause favored by the individual(s) cited. For example, sports figures or other celebrities have initiated fundraising drives to help communities impacted by hurricanes. In this case, media reports that a crowdfunding page established by Damar Hamlin in 2020 to raise $2,500 for a toy drive in the community which helped raise him, received over $6.2 million dollars in contributions as of this morning. As stated on the crowdfunding descriptive, the Chasing M’s Foundation, which is sponsoring the drive, also seeks to engage in back-to-school drives, kids camps and other activities.

As the public is motivated to demonstrate its heartfelt get-well wishes by showing its support for this cause, the total amount raised is likely to grow further. We encourage donors to look for further announcements that may be posted about the intended use of funds raised.

Managing sudden and exponential growth can be a learning experience for even well-established charities. Challenges will include navigating legally appropriate state government registrations and managing unprecedented funds transparently and effectively. This can take time and talent. As we remain hopeful that Damar Hamlin’s health will progress for the better, once conditions allow, we encourage the organization to seek assistance to help oversee the large influx of money.

Heart of Giving Podcast

This week’s Heart of Giving Podcast features an interview with one of the BBB Luminare Award for Service winners. In 2022, BBB Wise Giving Alliance partnered with the BBB of Great West & Pacific to honor individuals in the service area of this BBB (Alaska, Central Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington, and Western Wyoming) who demonstrate compassion, volunteerism, and community leadership. This episode interviews Jeff Thongc, a Digital Solutions Strategist with JLT Web Solutions (a BBB Accredited Business), a local web design and digital marketing company in Kent, Washington, that supports local small businesses.

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