Mission and Activities for Donors

Mission: To strengthen public confidence in charities by promoting wise giving and trustworthy charity practices.

Standards-based Charity Evaluator Focusing on Trust

BBB Wise Giving Alliance (BBB’s Give.org) is a standards-based charity evaluator that seeks to verify the trustworthiness of publicly-soliciting charities by completing rigorous evaluations based on 20 BBB Standards for Charity Accountability.

20 Standards Addressing Four Areas

BBB Standards for Charity Accountability address four areas of charity accountability: governance, results reporting, finances, and truthful transparent communications.

Charities Evaluated at No Charge

There is no charge to charities for the accountability assessment and the resulting reports are freely accessible on Give.org.

Century of Experience

BBB Wise Giving Alliance along with its predecessor organizations have been reporting on charities for more than 100 years.


In addition to charity reports, BBB Wise Giving Alliance produces:

  • Wise Giving Guide magazine three times a year,
  • a weekly Wise Giving Wednesday blog,
  • an annual Give.org Donor Trust Survey
BBB Accredited Charities

Charities that are found to meet all 20 BBB Charity Standards are called BBB Accredited Charities.

BBB Accredited Charity Seal

BBB Accredited Charities have the option of signing a license and paying a sliding scale fee for the use of a BBB Accredited Charity Seal.

Member of Charity Monitoring Worldwide

BBB Wise Giving Alliance is a member of Charity Monitoring Worldwide (CMW), the global network of charity monitoring organizations. CMW brings together monitoring organizations from 20 countries, with a mission to advance transparency and accountability in the charitable sector, promoting trust within society towards charities making a positive impact.


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