Wise Giving Wednesday: Participating on GivingTuesday

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calendar icon Nov 22, 2023

Participating on GivingTuesday

For GivingTuesday on November 28th, BBB Wise Giving Alliance urges donors like you to check out charities on the Give.org website to ensure that your contributions are going to trustworthy organizations. Our detailed, standards-based charity evaluations provide information to help you make wise giving decisions.

BBB WGA is sharing five tips to help donors give wisely on Tuesday and throughout this holiday season. 

  1. Watch out for mistaken identity. When charities seek support for the same cause, their names are often similar. Before you give, be sure you have the exact name of the charity to avoid a case of mistaken identity.
  2. Avoid excessive pressure to donate. Typically, the holidays bring a higher frequency of donation requests. Don’t succumb to pressure to make an immediate giving decision to unfamiliar organizations. Responsible charities will welcome your gift tomorrow as much as they do today.
  3. Be wary of overly emotional appeals. If an appeal brings tears to your eyes, make sure it is also clear about what the charity intends to do to address the issues.
  4. Engage the family in giving decisions. Sit down with your family and/or friends to identify the causes and charities that are most meaningful to you.
  5. Rely on standards-based evaluations. Charities that are found to meet the 20 BBB Standards for Charity Accountability are helping to demonstrate their trustworthiness. Get free access to charity reports at Give.org.

Heart of Giving Podcast

This week’s Heart of Giving Podcast features Alpana Chhibber-Zuniga, Lead Facilitator and Trainer for Molina Consulting. Alpana has expertise on a wide range of DEIA topics like Unconscious Bias, Addressing Microaggressions, Culturally Responsive Education, and Restorative Justice.

Finally, remember to let us know by going to give.org/charity-inquiry if you are interested in seeing a report on a charity not on the list and we will do our best to produce one.

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