Advancing Collaboration

Encouraging collaboration between charities to achieve more

“Survival of the fittest” is out. “Survival of the connected” is in. We’re living in a transformational era where societal change fueled by digitization and automation is altering how we work and live like never before.

The social impact and nonprofit space, of course, is not immune to these changes, and organizations of all sizes are now seeking out collaborations across geographies and in real time, with the aim of finding more partners with complementary assets to execute a shared vision.

Join us on a collaborative movement to transform the way charities and social impact organizations achieve their missions. This hub offers an insightful, 12-part article series, Inspiring Collaboration stories from across the sector, and asks you to be a part of the change by taking the Advancing Collaboration Pledge, and offers a forum for engagement and resources to further the conversation around cooperation and shared visions.

The article series—produced in partnership with the Stanford Social Innovation Review and featuring insights from nonprofit, foundation, and other leaders—calls on the social sector to embody a new and pioneering collaborative spirit based in trust so that it can reach broader audiences, share the risk involved in experimentation, and accomplish more than any single organization could do alone.

Our collection of Inspiring Collaboration stories showcase impactful examples of organizations embracing collaboration and joining forces to make change happen. Read our Inspiring Collaboration stories and get ready to join our movement!

Whether improving teamwork between internal staff or working together with external partners, today’s newfound fluidity of operations presents many opportunities for social good organizations to better meet the needs of those they serve.

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