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Friends and family of veterans and the military, as well as donors who appreciate the sacrifices of our men and women in uniform, are passionate about the missions of charities that assist veterans and/or active-duty service members and their families. It is estimated that over 45,000 nonprofit organizations serve this cause. With that volume, it can sometimes be challenging in decide which charities to support. BBB’s urges you to start by taking the time to learn more about the organization before donating. To assist with that objective, we offer the following.

At the end of this section, we have curated a list of veterans and military service organizations that have already been vetted by BBB’s and found to meet the 20 BBB Standards for Charity Accountability. The list includes links to the full reports on these organizations (i.e., an evaluation shows they meet the 20 BBB Standards for Charity Accountability). Click on the links to access the full reports on each charity.
Categories of Veterans and Military Organizations

A few years ago, The Bush Institute a the George W. Bush Presidential Center, produced a report on leading practices among nonprofit organizations serving post 9/11 veterans and also held a conference to further discuss these matters. One of their findings was that “Rarely are two veteran-serving organizations created equal. There is an incredible degree of diversity across the community of veteran-serving organizations. That is true in their focus, models, and methods.


Some organizations focus on employment issues in helping former military service members get jobs in the civilian workforce. These activities can involve a broad range of programs such as job fairs, resume writing assistance, vocational workshops, interview preparation and training.


In recent years, there has been increased recognition of the importance of mental health service programs that assist veterans, especially those that suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). A number of veterans service organizations address this issue, as well as traumatic brain injuries, depression and other disorders that require medical help and treatment.


A variety of veterans organizations provide assistance to injured service members and their families. This can involve help through physical activities, adaptive sports, assistance with day-to-day needs, and other services that lead to more independence in their daily lives.


Other veterans groups may provide help in applying for Veterans Affairs benefits from the U.S. government such as filing a claim for disability compensation, education benefits, or assistance to care givers of wounded veterans.


In addition to the top four program areas, veterans groups can address other areas of concern such as housing construction adaptations for wounded vets, scholarships for vets and/or family members, and addressing financial needs.

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