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Whether you are looking to adopt a fur-ever friend, searching for cage-free egg retailers, or in need of a service or emotional support animal, you will likely encounter one of the many charities in the United States operating to address an animal-related cause. While there are many animal-related charities working to make a difference, their missions and how they are carried out vary tremendously by group. Before donating to a specific charity, BBB’s urges you to start by taking the time to learn more about the organization before donating. To assist with that objective, we offer the following.

At the end of this section we have curated a list of animal-related organizations that have already been vetted by BBB’s and found to meet the 20 BBB Standards for Charity Accountability. The list includes links to the full reports on these organizations. (i.e., an evaluation shows they meet the 20 BBB Standards for Charity Accountability). Click on the links to access the full reports on each charity.
Four major categories of animal related organizations

Animal-related organizations can be grouped into four major categories. Understanding the differences between these groups can help your charity selection process.


Animal rights charities believe that animals have the right to live freely and are not for human use. They generally share the philosophical view that animals have the same rights as humans. Animal rights charities do not believe in the consumption of animals, animal testing, working animals, and more.


Animal welfare charities are concerned with the humane treatment of animals and work to improve their well-being. These organizations do not believe that animals share the same rights as humans and do not condemn most human use of animals.


Animal service charities range in the services they provide. These charities may provide services to the animals themselves, such as local shelters and veterinary services, or they may provide specialty services for humans through programs that utilize the human-animal bond.


Wildlife conservation charities work to protect animals and their ecosystems from human and environmental threats. These groups typically work to educate, advocate, and influence sustainable decision-making to preserve animals, plants, and their habitats.

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