Profiles in Charity Trust and Giving

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Infographic for Profiles in Charity Trust and Giving


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2018 Donor Trust Report

The 2018 Donor Trust Report was based on a survey of 2,100 adults in the United States and explores donor beliefs, feelings, and behavioral intentions related to charity trust and generosity.

The report offers a macro-level view of the state of public trust for the charitable sector as a whole and for specific charity types. Other themes covered include: triggers of trust at the individual donor level, presentation of donor attitudes along generational and racial lines, and shifting views about generosity more broadly. The way donors think about trust, generosity and their role in bringing about change is in a state of flux. Survey findings show the need to strengthen public trust in the charitable sector and remind us that the ability of charitable organizations to thrive in the future is closely tied to their ability to understand how rising (and more diverse) generations think about trust, engagement and generosity.

BBB Podcast: Understanding Donor's Trust This Giving Season

The following playlist includes interviews with representatives from Community Health Charities, KaBoom, Goodwill Industries International, National Wildlife Federation, YMCA of the USA and NAACP reacting to the findings in the Donor Trust Report.

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